So, which one is it?

Today we delve again into our anna’s contributions to facebook legal.

Ever since the No Jab. No Pay Legislation was announced the anti-vaccination community have been trying to come up with ways to get around it.

The No Jab. No Pay Legislation removes a parent’s entitlement to tax rebates if they choose not to vaccinate their children. It does not make vaccinations mandatory, as anti-vaccinationists will tell you (over and over again).

The legislation covers a person’s eligibility to access the Child Care Rebate (CCR), Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Family Benefit Tax (FBT Part A).

The No Jab. No Pay Legislation made three major changes to the legislation:

  1. It removed the conscientious objector status,
  2. It removed the religious objector status, and
  3. It defines which Doctors are eligible to provide a medical exemption.

On the 5th of February, and again on the 12th of March our anna posted that she had gotten around the new legislation by lying to her doctor. This has been thoroughly covered by many people, so I won’t go into these in too much detail, but here is the link to Reasonable Hank’s articles if you wish to read up further.

What our anna claimed to do was to attend a Doctors practice without her children, and ask to be put on a catch up schedule. Once the Doctor records this our anna contacts the Department of Human Services (DHS) and continues to receive CCR, CCB & FBT Part A for a further six months.


And why does a person need to do this?


30 pieces of silver appears to be worth more than an anti-vaccinationists Integrity or Honesty.

Now, let’s move forward eight months to the 19th of November to a discussion on Facebook legal. The discussion covers what is consent to vaccinate, and how consent is obtained.

Our anna waded in, stating that her doctor refused to sign anything that she asked for.

When quizzed on what our anna wanted she replied:

I did not consent. I asked for a letter advising that I did not consent and their refusal to put children on a catch up schedule, till I could research more.


Firstly, did our anna ask a doctor to lie? And then get upset that the doctor did not agree to this? Where have we seen this course of action before?

We would like to note that our anna previously said of her doctor that s/he was supportive of her stance on vaccination.

In November our anna claims that she refused to sign the consent form, but in February/March she claimed to be on a catch-up schedule.

Secondly, our anna wanted extra time to do further research. Why? Was the last 20 years not enough for our anna? She claims to have written her first anti-vaccination book review when she was 19.

Our anna’s opinions on vaccination are well known. Why can she not accept that her decisions have consequences? Or is money the only thing that our anna is really interested in?

So. Our anna’s comment on the 19th of November raises the questions.

  • Did our anna lie back in February/March when she claimed to be on a catch-up schedule?
  • Did our anna agree to and sign the consent form in February?
  • Or did our anna’s Doctor put her on the catch-up schedule without getting informed consent from our anna?
  • Or was our anna Doctor shopping, trying to find a second Doctor to put her on a catch up to the catch up schedule?
  • Or did our anna lie to facebook legal in November when claiming that a doctor refused to put her on a catch up schedule?


So many questions, so little truth…


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