Who’s kids have never been to the doctors?

Today we would like to look at another of our anna claims.

Our anna is adamant that her children are perfect. Well, most parents would say this about their children, so our anna is not alone in making this statement.

But our anna just has to one up everyone else.

My children are perfectly healthy. My children have never been to the doctors!!!


Yep. Our anna’s two un-vaccinated, un-poisoned children are in perfect health, having never been sick.


What about the occasion that our anna’s ex-partner took their eldest to hospital because she was having breathing difficulties? You remember, because our anna complained to facebook legal about the doctors giving her eldest ventolin to help get her breathing difficulties under control.


Or that occasion where our anna had to spend five hours in emergency, again with her eldest child?


Could it be that our anna’s own medical issues have been genetically passed onto her children? Let’s keep in mind that our anna has a range of medical issues of her own, including respiratory issues?

We were quite amused that our anna and her ‘Senior Doctor’ had an in depth conversation about the (then) new mental health wing of the Caboolture Hospital, two weeks before she spent five hours at emergency. Was our anna’s ‘Senior Doctor’ concerned that if they only use six beds of the wing, that there may not be room for our anna?

And why did our anna attend the Caboolture Super Clinic, when she has her own supportive doctor?

And why did she need to post the same negative comment three times at a clinic that our anna never goes to?



We may never know.



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