I’m poor damn it!

Welcome back, and today we have another funny post sent in by a viewer.

Let’s remind people that on the 27th of July our anna told the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) that she could not pay her outstanding traffic fines as she was ‘homeless and experiencing financial difficulties’.


That was on the 27th of July, 2015.

Interesting that we get sent a screen shot of our anna complaining that the Teachers Mutual Bank charge $750 for a home loan application.


And when was this screenshot taken?

4th of November, 2015.

101 days after telling SPER that she was homeless and experiencing financial difficulties.

In 101 days our anna has gone from being homeless and in ‘financial difficulties’ to being in a position to have enough money to buy a house?

Don’t you need money for a deposit? And the associated fees? Wouldn’t that be upwards of 18 Thousand Dollars?

Don’t you need a stable work history? And evidence of your ability to repay the monthly loan repayments?

Or could it be that our anna lied to the SPER to try and get out of paying the outstanding fines?

We wonder if ‘Mina’ has an answer to that question.


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