Bullets for everyone

Our anna will tell you that she is a peace loving person, who only cares about the community.

She goes to the protests about child abuse, and anti-vaccination legislation.

But there is a nasty side to our anna, happy to abuse people when the desire so takes her.

Today, let us look a little closer at our annas involvement in the child abuse protest community.

On the 24th of June 2016 the group Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia [F.A.C.A.A] posted a story on their facebook page.

Simply, a case worker enters into a relationship with a convicted child sex offender. What did she do wrong? She failed to disclose her relationship with an inmate at a care facility. There is no indication that the case worker has made any efforts to enable the inmates previous behaviour. She is not a sex offender, and has never been accused of such.

To be clear, we do not support the actions of the case worker. The policies and processes at care facilities (halfway houses) for released prisoners are all based on one thing, honesty. If the case worker had advised her supervisor of their relationship and  either resigned their position, or waited until the inmate had left the facility to continue it, she would not have done anything wrong, illegal or immoral.

So, rightly or wrongly the case workers actions were condemned by all and sundry in the ensuing discussion.

Our anna’s contribution?

She needs a bullet like he does


She needs a bullet? By failing to disclose her relationship our anna has placed the case worker in the same class as a convicted child sex offender.

Our anna, the peace loving child advocate would happily murder any sex offender and the people who support them.

Where do you draw the line? Should we murder all the people who support convicted child sex offenders? What about their families? Their parents? Their siblings? Their spouses? Their children?

But it did get us thinking. What about all the people that our anna has called paedophiles on social media? Do they deserve a bullet as well?

They have already been tried and found guilty in the court of social media by Judge anna.

Perhaps we just arm our anna with an AR15 and have her roam the country doling out justice, in the style of Pol Pot, Idi Amin, or David Carradine in Kung Fu?

And, just to lighten the mood a little, have a look at the predictive text ‘error’ that our anna made when writing her comment. Our anna is so used to writing bully that her phone corrected bullet to bully. Unless our anna actually wrote it herself…



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