Before you speak, look behind you.

Today we are going to look back at one of our anna’s favourite pastimes.

Anyone who doesn’t use their real name on facebook.

Our anna is fixated with people not using their real names on facebook.

Maybe it is so she can correctly out people as paedophiles.

Or so she can sue them for Defamation, Slander, Libel, or hurting her feelz.

Or so she can troll the people on your friends list to tell them what an evil person you are…

Here we have a screenshot of anna dealing with a person who uses the label Freedom of Speech works both ways.

We thought it was interesting that Freedom of Speech works both ways chose to respond to our anna.

Our anna does and says what she wants as she believes that her right of Freedom of Speech allows her to do this.

It’s a pity that being an Australian Freedom of Expression (not Freedom of Speech) does not allow her this right. Lying, abusing, threatening are all illegal in Australia.

The thing that always amuses us is our anna’s insistence on blocking, deleting or removing anyone who expresses their ‘Freedom of Speech’.

That’s right, anna blocked and deleted all comments from Freedom of Speech works both ways. Ironic much?

Anyway, what brings us here today is what our anna said to Freedom of Speech works both ways.


ba ha ha from the fake face book trolls. To scared to identify themselves. gutless bully… Nothing more, nothing less.
Says the fake troll 🙂

Scared to show their identity – Typical bully.


So, you would think that our anna, having called another person a gutless, scared, fake troll, bully would be using her correct name.

You know, anna-marie frances stancombe.
Or even anna-marie stancombe
Heck, even anna stancombe

But wait on. What name did our anna use?

Isn’t she using an account in the name of anna stanconde? Previously anna patel?

Freedom of Speech works both ways got it right with the meme they posted.

Our anna is the pot calling the kettle black.


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