Anti-vaxxer logic

Anti-vaxxer logic. Unfortunately it is an actual thing. And being a ‘scientist with multiple degrees’ our anna is an active user of it.

Anti-vaccinationists love to take two or more (sometimes) similar but unrelated things and compare them. They then come to a conclusion that has no relevance to any of the things they started with.

So let’s look at an example of our anna using ‘anti-vaxxer logic’.


A doctor is censured by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for providing dietary advice, so vaccines are bad…

Let us back up a little and have a look at what our anna wrote. There are two parts to her statement. We have separated the parts below. The first part is from a statement made by a spokesman for the AHPRA. The second part is what our anna had to say.


It says “There is nothing associated with your medical training or education that makes you an expert or authority in the field of nutrition, diabetes or cancer. Even if, in the future, your views on the benefits of the LCHF lifestyle become the accepted best medical practice this does not change the fundamental fact that you are not suitably trained or educated as a medical practitioner to be providing advice or recommendations on this topic.”


Yet drs have a few hours lecture on vaccinations and they become able to push every vaccine that is on the market, most do not even know what is in the vaccine that they push. Where is the common sense.


To make some sense of the first comment we need to look into what it is about.

Dr Gary Fettke is an orthopaedic surgeon based at the Launceston General Hospital. He also runs a business called Nutrition for Life. Nutrition for Life claims (amongst other things) that their Low Carbohydrate, Healthy Fat (LCHF) diet can not only reduce the instances of, but can also cure diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Most of what Dr Fettke claims in his business Nutrition for Life have not been scientifically tested or confirmed.

The reason that the AHPRA investigated Dr Fettke was because of the conflict of interest that existed with an orthopaedic surgeon providing dietary advice in his duties at the Launceston General Hospital. Dietary advice originating from his external business.

It should be noted that the AHPRA released a statement that noted that Dr Fettke had not consented for the board to make public the facts and issues that informed its decision. But it did note the following:

The Board holds all registered medical practitioners to account against the professional standards set by the Board. These standards are set out in Good Medical Practice – A code of conduct for doctors in Australia. This code:

  • requires doctors to make sure their personal beliefs do not compromise the care they provide to their patients. (See 2.4.7 and 2.4.6)
  • prevents doctors putting their commercial interests ahead of their patients’ care and requires them to inform their patients when their interest could – or could be perceived to – affect patient care ( 8.11.3)
  • requires doctors to make sure their commercial interests do not adversely affect their patient’s care. (See 8.11.9)
  • expects doctors to recognise and work within the limits of their competence and scope of practice and
  • sets explicit standards in relation to public health and doctors’ responsibility to promote the health of the community through disease prevention and control and screening. (See 5.4) This includes providing appropriate dietary advice, when this is indicated.

We find it ironic that an anti-vaccinationist supports a doctor who has been censured for having a conflict of interest, whilst complaining that doctors go unchecked having conflicts of interest?

Not sure about that? Google it. You’ll see what we mean. All we would advise is not to click on the links, if you value your sanity.


Now let’s look at the second part of our anna’s post.

Nowhere does Dr Fettke make any claims about vaccinations. He makes no claims that his dietary business Nutrition for Life can detox, cleans or replace vaccinations.

So why has our anna linked Dr Fettke and vaccinations?

Because she can. No other reason is needed in ‘anti-vaxxer logic’.

Every vaccination provided in Australia has been tested and passed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA is part of the Department of Health. It appears that  our anna is trying to infer is that doctors do not care what is in the vaccines that they use.

We are perplexed about what ‘doctors’ that our anna is claiming to know about (if any). We each contacted our local medical practices and asked them about a range of vaccines. The Doctors and Nurses we spoke to were able to explain what each vaccine was for, what the core components were, and the potential side effects. Each was able to provide the mythical “insert”. Several even supplied the web address of the online copies.

Like most industries doctors rely on the manufacturers and the regulatory authority (the TGA) to provide them with the information regarding what a product can, and cannot do.

To use an analogy, do we need to know exactly how a motor vehicle attains a five star safety rating? Or do we just need to know which motor vehicles have a five star rating? Do we put our faith in the people whose job it is to test that vehicles are safe, or do we insist that our local car dealer has an engineering degree, and that the dealer is able to perform the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) safety tests in front of us before we believe that a vehicle is safe?

‘Anti-vaxxer logic’.


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