Anti-social media?

We know that we appear to concentrate on our anna living her life on social media. Specifically facebook

Well, it is probably because anna does. Almost every post we do is in references what our anna has posted on facebook.

Our anna has accused us of staking and trolling her, but when you live your life on facebook, and post every detail of your life there, in publicly available groups it is difficult for us not to know every detail of our anna’s life.

But we have been asked, if our anna loves social media so much why is she only active on facebook?

Because she is not. Our anna exists in other social media. There is her massive youtube channel:

And let’s not forget her over active twitter account.

And her highly successful GofundMe page

We still do not understand why our anna chose to use Patel on her twitter and GoFundMe pages. Is she trying to hide from those who know her? Who knows. Only anna can answer that question.

But it is quite apparent that the reason anna exists mainly on facebook is because the users of other forms of social media appear to just ignore her.

The conspiracy theorists flock to facebook, into the community that our anna shines in.

And we really have to draw your attention to our anna’s twitter handle.




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