I’m not against immunisation

Today we have one of our special treats.

Our anna was for a short period the ‘go to’ person for anti-vaccination opinions whenever the local Caboolture news attempted to provide a ‘balanced’ story on immunisation.

We say ‘balanced’ because you have scientists degrees in immunology, with research and statistics one one side, and a person with a degree in eco-tourism with feelz opposing the science.

Here we have an article from November 2012, written by Northern Times reporters Glenn Roberts and Bernie Dowling.


The article was regarding ways to boost the immunisation rate in the Morton Bay Region.

Oddly the article as it appeared in the Courier Mail listed our anna as a person who is “not against immunisation”.

Anna Stancombe, a Caboolture mother-of-two, said: “I’m not against immunisation. (But) it would be nice if there was a balanced argument for and against and everybody had information they could look at.’


But hang on. Didn’t our anna also say:

I have two Children 3 and 7 years old who have never been vaccinated and never will.’


Or what about the time that she called immunisation child abuse?


Or when she called it rape?


So, our anna is not against immunisation, except when she is opposed to immunisation.

We are not sure who we are more disgusted in.

Our anna for lying to the media just to get her 15 seconds of fame?

Or Glenn Roberts and Bernie Dowling for their complete lack of verification of what our anna told them.


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