An actual legal opinion

We have covered our anna’s GoFundMe money grab on several occasions.

It has been covered heavily in the media, as well as in social media, having been shared 743 times to date.

The general community look at our anna’s campaign as everything from selfish, to criminal, to insane. Yet the anti-vaccination community look at our anna as a martyr.

The GoFundMe page has also been extensively covered in facebook legal, a place that our anna loves to spend time giving her extensive legal knowledge..

But the one thing we have not seen previously is a person with actual legal training providing an opinion on the GoFundMe campaign.

So we would like to introduce Rose Dougherty. Rose works at the law firm Burke & Mead. Rose has a Bachelor of Law (Honours), a Diploma of Legal Practice and a Bachelor of Communication.

Rose is responsible for the publication of a blog on the Burke & Mead website.

We do note that at the time of publishing her review Rose Dougherty was in the last year of her law degree and held the position of Communications and Marketing Intern at the law firm Burke & Mead.

So here we have someone with legal knowledge far in excess of most (if not all) of the people on facebook legal, who are by enlarge self-taught graduates of Google U.

And what does Rose Dougherty have to say on the subject?

What is in the best interests of the child!

Yep. In Rose’s opinion, the children come first. Not anna. Not Anil. Not the family court. Not the solicitors.

The children.

Please enjoy the blog post as written by Rose. Just keep in mind that it is an opinion piece, and nothing more. As noted by Rose:

“we do not have a broad understanding of the facts”

This, in our opinion is because the ‘facts’ as presented by our anna may or may not be actual facts. They could well be ‘Alternative Facts’.


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