Who is a supply teacher?

During the last four months this page has been in action we have been trying to confirm the claim that our anna made about her teaching career.

Our anna has claimed to be a full time high school teacher, who also held a second full time position at the CSIRO.

Our anna, sorry ‘Mina’ told us that “A simple check of the teacher’s register online, would show that she is (a teacher).”

We did point out that being registered to teach does not mean that anna is what she claims to be.

So today we would like to demonstrate what we have uncovered.

We have contacted what we believe are all the schools in the Caboolture area, and to date no school has identified our anna as being employed by them.

What we did come across is this little conversation on our anna’s favourite stomping ground. That’s right, facebook.

Our anna contacted the Queensland Department of Education and Training through facebook on the 4th of May 2015.

And what was our anna after? Who to contact about a problem with a school and casual hours.

Casual Hours? We thought our anna said she was full time? hmmmm…

So it would appear that not only is our anna employed as a supply teacher, our anna is completely unaware of what her employment contract entails. Excellent research skillz from our anna.

A supply teacher is one who is employed from time to time to replace a teacher who is absent for a period of at least 2 hours or for no more than five continuous days in one vacancy or to fill incidental teacher vacancies as they arise at a school.

Supply teachers are the only teachers working in the high school environment that are paid on a casual basis.

Just to point out the obvious, supply teachers get paid for the period of time they attend class. So a full day is 5 hours, even though they are expected to participate in tasks before, during and after normal school hours.

This is why supply teachers are paid at a rate of $71 per hour, or $355 per full day based on a casual being paid at the rate of a Band 3 Step 1 level and a casual loading of 23%.


It would also appear that our anna’s attendance is not what you would expect of a person who is supposed to be setting an example for our future generations. Complaining about having your pay reduced for being late? Shouldn’t our anna be apologising to the school and the students for her tardiness?

Now, we don’t think of ourselves as conspiracy theorists, but this conversation occurred less than three months before our anna sent the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) a letter advising that she could not pay her outstanding fines due to being homeless and experiencing financial difficulty. Coincidence?

And as an aside, notice that the Queensland Department of Education and Training replied to our anna as anna patel? Why, if anna’s name is anna stancombe was she contacted the Queensland Department of Education and Training using a different name?





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