On and on it goes.

Another day, another interesting post from our anna.

As we have covered twice now, our anna has been less that honest regarding her level of education.


Why a person who has a science degree needs to belittle themselves is something we are confused about.

Is our anna ashamed of her degree in EcoTourism?

It would appear so. But if that is the case, why did our anna do a science degree in EcoTourism in the first place?

It’s the same with our anna’s teaching credentials.

Our anna has a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary). So our anna is qualified to teach secondary school. We are not saying that she does, just that she has the necessary certification to do so.

But wait on, here is our anna telling the world that she is teaching year 5 and 6 children. Isn’t that primary school?


Doesn’t that require a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary)?

So is our anna claiming that she has two levels of Graduate Diploma of Education?

Or could it be that this is another little white lie that our anna is telling her colleagues on facebook legal?

Only time, or ‘Mina’ can answer that question.

Besides, if the level of grammar that our anna has displayed in her simple three sentence comment is how she teaches her ‘students’, it is enough to explain why her ‘students’ have such poor literacy skills.

Teachers should lead by example. We pity any student that has had to deal with a Supply Teacher that cannot read or write properly.




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