Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!

It always amuses us to watch our anna in full flight on facebook legal.

If you are a female, ignore the Family Court. Just do what you want to do.

But if you are male you have to do whatever the Family Court says.

There is a term for those who believes that men and women should be treated differently. Sexist.

And what is the term for a female who has a displayed hatred of males? Misandry.

But we digress.

Our anna has told women to just ignore the Family Court. To just do whatever they want. Because that is what our anna did.

But we wonder why our anna does not let people know the consequences of following our anna’s legal advice.

We wonder how many times the Family Court has ordered an arrest warrant for a recalcitrant parent?

One who refuses to attend court. Or even attempt to communicate with the court in a civil manner.

Yep, our anna’s refusal to deal with the Family Court had her in the position where the court threatening to issue an arrest warrant.

We have had advice that the warning of the arrest warrant being issued did occur.

But in addition we have had several readers message us to let us know that anna told them that the  arrest warrant was issued.


Either way, we wonder why our anna does not disclose this particular piece of information when advising other females to ignore the instructions of the court?


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