Yes, she’s back

It always interests us just how desperate that our anna is in getting attention.

Our anna annoyed the members and admins of one of the facebook legal pages so much that several of her accounts were deleted from the page.

We did say several, not all because our anna has so many accounts the admins missed a few.

Anyway, poor anna missed being a part of that particular facebook legal group so much that she just had to re-join using another of her existing profiles.

So please welcome Law Ali.

This account has been added to the list of aliases that our anna uses.

We are not sure why our anna didn’t just use her Karen Liverpool account that still exists in that facebook legal group. Or one of the other accounts we are not currently able to confirm are hers.

So anyway, what did our anna post?

Just an image of her Parenting Agreement between herself and her ex-partner Anil.


You will note the fact that our anna blanked out her details, but left Anil’s surname exposed.

Good work anna.

But it did get us thinking. What is the connection between anna and the facebook legal page admin Drazen Jovica? He would be well aware that the account is anna stancombe, and that he removed two of her accounts from his particular facebook legal page previously.

But he then re-admits anna using a fake name.

Isn’t the use of a fake name a practice that our anna continually refers to as the act of a coward?

We could also go into the numerous other facebook legal pages that Drazen Jovica runs that our anna is a member of. But she has not been banned from those, so we will let that go… for now.


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