Is anna colourblind?

One thing we had to wonder about our anna’s new identity was what it had been up to since it joined facebook legal.

So we put the question out to some of our more active correspondents.

And what did we get back?

Our anna has been complaining about her “red light” running fine she received on the 16th of March 2016. And how the police and the courts had changed it from running a red light to an orange light because the police couldn’t prove that our anna had run a red light.

We enjoyed how on our anna’s first post she was ‘helping’ defend a case, providing her extensive legal knowledge. But on her second post our anna was found guilty. So it would appear that our anna was ‘helping’ herself, with her extensive legal knowledge.




But hang on. Didn’t our anna discuss this exact same fine in a previous persona, in the exact same group. A post that we covered in our ‘Speed Racer’ series of posts.

And what did our anna post on the 2nd of June 2016 using her anna stanconde identity?

How do I get out of the ticket I got for running an orange light?


Yep, our anna in changing her identity has magically changed the running an orange light fine to running a red light fine.

Seriously, why does a person need to lie about something as petty as a traffic fine? The only document provided shows exactly what our anna told us she was charged with in her post of the 2nd of June 2016. Where is the documentation showing the red light running offence from the 16th of March 2016?


It must be scary living in the mind of a person like our anna. We know it is scary enough for the people who have to deal with her on a regular basis.


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