Sorry to see you go.

Poor anna.

Anther day, another rejection.

As you are aware our anna loves to spread her knowledge through facebook onto less educated people than herself.

Recently our anna has been active on a local group called Narangba Watch.

That was until the other members of the group got sick of our anna spamming the group with the same stuff that she spams facebook legal with.

Fortunately the members of the group were able to ensure that anna was removed from the group.

Unfortunately, by the time we were advised of our anna’s presence in the group she had already been removed.

Or specifically, her anna stanconde persona was removed.

Several of her other personas still exist there. Specifically law ali and anil patel still exist in the group.

It is a pity that the person who advised us of anna’s demise was not able to provide screenshots of our anna’s educational activities within the group.

All we have is this screen shot.


Wonder where our anna is off to now?


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