Questions. But never any answers.

We have been reviewing a lot of the things that our anna posts on facebook legal.

It surprises us how much we know of the family court proceedings going on between our anna and her ex partner Anil.

How do we know? Because it is all there on facebook legal.

But it got us wondering, how accurate is the information being posted by our anna on facebook legal?

To use the quote by Robert Evans “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth.”

Well, that is not actually the complete quote. The quote by Robert Evans actually goes “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each differently.”

But what do you do when Robert is wrong. What do you do when one person is lying?

Like when anna persistently claims a history of domestic violence, but is unable to demonstrate this in a court of law? A claim that the magistrate called ‘Unsubstantiated’?

Or how during the period when our anna did have a Domestic Violence Order against Anil? Not only did they continue to live together, but wasn’t their second child born during that period? And by our calculations, conceived and born during the period covered by the DVO?

Or when our anna claimed that Anil was ‘playing games’ through the family court, but then our anna refused to attend court for so long that the court had to threaten to issue an arrest warrant?

Or when our anna claimed that Anil left her in debt for over $20,000. But was able to try to buy a house soon after separating from Anil?

So, it got us wondering. Why is it that our anna only makes these claims in places that our anna’s ex partner cannot respond? Why does she not raise these issues in an appropriate forum, like mediation? Isn’t that a forum that our anna refused to participate?

Has the facebook legal admin ever offered Anil the opportunity to respond? The majority of times our anna has posted information about her family court dealing it has been on closed groups administered by the same admin, Drazen Jovica. To enter these closed groups membership must be approved by Drazen.

Has Anil tried to join these groups? If so, was his request to join denied?

Or has Drazen ever made the offer to Anil to join the groups to allow him the right to respond?

Our anna has been dishonest on so much of what she has says, why are her victims (in this example Anil) not allowed to defend their name?

What if our anna is lying about the incident at the hospital when Anil had his heart attack.

Did Anil not call our anna? Or was it just our anna did not answer the call? We only have our anna’s word for that. And our anna’s word is not worth a lot, is it?

Did the children really spend six hours unattended at the hospital as anna claims? Are we to believe that the staff at the hospital are so uncaring to allow that to occur? Or could it be that the children were not at the hospital, but were in the care of a relative or friend of Anil during that time? Again we only have our anna’s word for this.

But that would not produce the same level of empathy than telling everyone that the poor children were abandoned at the hospital, would it?


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