Telling the truth is defamation?

Another day goes by, and another claim by our anna that she is being defamed.

Today we will do things a little differently.

Here is a post put up by one of anna’s previous victims in response to our anna’s activities on the Narangba Watch facebook group.

We are quite happy to acknowledge that Georgina may have made two potential errors.

We will leave it you our viewers to determine if our anna is right.

Do you think that any of what Georgina posted is defamation? Or is Georgina just stating what she believes to be the truth.

Can telling the truth be classified as defamation?

But as per normal, we need to look at not just what our anna said, but where it was posted.

Why is this posted on anna’s Justice for Toddle Mason Jett Lee facebook page?

What does this have to do with justice for Mason? Nothing that we can see.

And look at which account that our anna used. Why is our anna not using her anna stancombe account?

And most importantly, where is our anna’s phone charger?

10%! What a daredevil our anna is…




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