We apologise for this break in transmission.

It’s not like we’ve run out of things to post about. Far from it. Our anna just can’t help providing us with more information that we can use.

But we have been supplied a piece of information that even we are amazed that our anna would stoop to such a level.

Even worse that when our anna claiming to have a Honours degree, even though she bought it from Golden Key International Honour Society for $95 (US)?

Yes, worse than that.


Even worse that accusing people of being paedophiles just because our anna doesn’t like them?

Yes, even worse that that.


As such we have been in contact with a range of organisations from local support, to state and federal politics.

Unfortunately this has taken up far more of our time that we expected that it would.

So we may be off air for a few days.

Hopefully on our return we can explain all fully.

We are sorry, and hope to see you all back soon.


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