Who’s child is Autistic?

Now, we here at SGFTVOCAPS Headquarters are very confused.

Remember how we covered that as far as our anna is concerned Autism is caused by the MMR vaccine?


Remember how we also covered that our anna was adamant that her children are completely vaccine free?


Remember when our anna attacked the parent of an autistic child, calling the child vaccine damaged, even though the autism was caused by oxygen starvation at birth?


And what about the time that anna claimed to be a full time teacher, with multiple degrees?


So what is confusing us, you ask? We are confused as to what happened between April/May 2014 and July 2014.

We have been made aware of a letter written by a local support group. The purpose of the support group is to assist anyone in need. The support group has no restrictions on who they support. And they take what their clients say at face value, as they should. People in need require our support. They need to be assisted, not judged.

But what do you do when a person is not honest? A person who says one thing to the support group, but the exact opposite to everyone else?

We are in little doubt that the letter, and its contents are real. But to get 100% confirmation we have contacted the support group, but to date they have not confirmed that the letter is theirs.

We have also contacted the Government Departments involved, but have received the usual “Sorry, we can’t comment’ replies.

So what does the letter that has us so confused say?

That our anna needs housing assistance because she could not survive on her single parent pension as well as care for her autistic daughter.

Mrs Stancombe receives centrelink single parenting and receive care payments for her eldest daughter which suffers from Autism.

Let’s be clear on this. In April/May 2014 our anna had a full time teaching job, caring for her two children who had never been sick a day in their lives. Two children who had never been to a doctor, and had never been vaccinated.

Yet two months later our anna was applying for housing assistance, surviving on a single parent pension caring for her autistic child who was so high on the ASD scale that our anna was eligible for a carers allowance.

All we can say is HUH?

All these years of our anna being ‘anti-government’ yet it appear that our anna has her hand out for every government payment that she might be eligible for.

All those years of abusing parents of autistic children, calling them vaccine damaged while hiding her own little secret from the world.

All those years of attacking anyone who disagrees with her opinion that autism is caused by the MMR vaccine, while having a completely vaccine free autistic child.

All those years of claiming that her children are never sick, but our anna has a child that requires constant care.

All those years of saying her children have never been to a doctor, but has the required medical proof to be eligible for a carers allowance.

All those years of bragging about her full time teaching career, whilst being on centrelink payments.

Would the real anna please stand up?



    1. provaxspeaks,

      We have not been able to confirm if anna’s daughter is or isn’t Autistic.

      Every contact we have who knows anna was surprised by the suggestion that her daughter was Autistic.

      But either way, the amount of medical proof needed to be approved for a carers allowance means that anna must have had her daughter examined by a credible doctor.

      Or she’s telling another lie.

      Time will tell which it is…


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