Now give me money (that’s what I want)

We think you’ve noticed that we enjoy when our anna says something and we look at it and go ‘hang on, didn’t you say something different last time?”

Like today, our anna put her position into a discussion regarding payment of child care centre fees whan a child is absent due to illness.

And our anna’s input?

Hence why I have and never use them. Seen and heard too many horror stories.


But hang on we thought, didn’t our anna say she stood to lose $15,000 if her children were not vaccinated? This was the reason she encourages people to defraud the Department of Human Services, wasn’t it?

If our anna does not put her children into child care, our anna is not eligible for the Child Care Rebate (CCR) or Child Care Bonus (CCB).

That leaves her with the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A. And to get the most for that you would need to be on a full pension. But that would at best only give our anna roughly half of the $15,000 she claimed to be losing.

But as a full time high school science teacher, our anna would be above the pay scale where the FTB Part A is reduced, but not cut off. So she would be nowhere near the $15,000 our anna claimed to be in line to lose.

So, that also got us thinking.

If our anna is a full time high school science teacher, and she does not use child care facilities, then what does she do with the children?

Does she leave them in the car in the carpark while she’s at work? We certainly hope not.

Or is it that our anna is telling fibs again?



  1. Wow you think a full time teacher would at least have 40+ per year .Plus what about the cruise was that during a school break??? so many questions to many lies CAN THE REAL ANNA PLEASE STAND UP


  2. I’m a full time Science teacher. Even if we assume that she has only been teaching for a couple of years, she would be on well over $60 000 a year. As a senior teacher (over 10 years) she would be on upwards of $90 000 a year.
    I have my son in childcare 3 days a week. I get 40% CCB and CCR. That means I’m $129 out of pocket a week. And I recieve Family Tax A to the value of $9.08 a fortnight.
    Just saying.


    1. Thank you diaryofabeautifulgeek.

      Good to get a breakdown of the available Government rebates from a person in the position that our anna claims to be in.

      If anna was in a similar position, and since our anna is adamant she does not use childcare, all she would be eligible for would be the $236 dollars a year from FTB Part A.

      Hardly worth a potential fraud conviction.


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