Damn the Constitution

Poor anna, wanting to change the world and being so hamstrung that she has to hang off the shirt tails of the Justice for Mason Jett Lee community.

But as usual our anna is just out to grab her 15 minutes of fame.

This is what our anna posted on her Justice for Toddler Mason Jett Lee. If you look at our anna’s page you will see that most of what has been recently posted has little to nothing to do with Mason Jett Lee, Queensland’s Child Protective services, or reality.

People protesting the death of Mason Jett lee really need to know about a blog post regarding the CIA running Pedophile rings?



Anyway, here is what our anna decided to post following the Act for Mason protest march. A march where our anna’s presence was so low key that no-one who was there seems to remember seeing her.


The reason I took to the streets in protest about Mason’s senseless death, was not only to show my outrage, but to show people how the system can be fixed. The Australian Constitution can only be changed with the approval of the Australian people. A proposed change must be approved by the Parliament and then be put to Australians in a referendum. All Australian citizens on the electoral roll vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the proposed change. I propose that the constitution is changed for corporations/individual people be held #accountable for their actions. From the top to the bottom.



Oddly, we don’t understand how accusing people of being paedophiles, or abusing the parents of children who died, or (allegedly) selling overpriced t-shirts is a way to “show people how the system can be fixed”.

Then there is the issue of our anna persistently plagiarising other peoples work. Our anna’s comment regarding how to change the Australian Constitution is taken directly from the Parliamentary Education Office website. We never understand why an alleged high school science teacher would need to plagerise the words of others, without ever crediting the source. If a student did that in an assignment they would be automatically failed. Wouldn’t they?



We will point out that we do agree with one thing our anna said. Her proposal. Well, we would if it was actually written in English. As an alleged high school science teacher our anna’s spelling and grammar has always been abhorrent. And the use of the hashtag? How lame…

anyway, the proposal?

I propose that the constitution is changed for corporations/individual people be held #accountable for their actions.

Perhaps our anna meant:

I propose that the Australian Constitution be changed so that everyone, be they  Individuals or Corporations, be held accountable for their actions.

We agree with that. And we propose that our anna’s perpensity for calling people paedophiles should be used as the test case for our anna’s constitutional change.


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