Stop calling me names, you drugged fucked scum.

Oh dear. It appears that our anna did not have a good day yesterday.

And what does our anna do when she’s not having a good day?

She goes onto facebook and abuses people.

We have previously covered how our anna claims to be bullied. And abused. And stalked. And Defamed.

But we have also covered how our anna is a hypocrite.

so here is what our anna decided to post on our facebook page.

I am NOTHING like the drugged fucked scum that YOU ARE
the drug addict junkie scum of DBAY
Oh cause your both fucked in the head


You will note that they are all greyed out.

This is because we have hidden all anna’s abusive comments. Only the admins and anna can see the comments. Oh, and maybe Drazen Jovica as he is the only person on this particular one of anna’s persona’s friends list

We have one rule on our facebook page, keep it clean.

We have had to warn several people who have pushed the boundaries, but as per normal our anna doesn’t think rules apply to her.

We have no intention of ever banning our anna. It is too entertaining to have her amongst us.

But we will not allow the abusive comments to appear until they are edited. Heck, we don’t even care if the abhorrent grammar and spelling is not corrected, just the abusive language.

It makes you wonder how long comments like these would last on any of anna’s facebook pages, without being deleted and the poster being blocked? Wasn’t it our anna that said that she would not allow abusive comments on her pages?

We would suspect minutes, if that.

Hypocricy. It’s such a lovely word.


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