Build me a house, bugger the rules!

Imagine finding a business that is so bad that you have to leave not one, but two negative reviews.

Welcome to Superior Homes Qld. A local house building company who have been in business for 20 plus years that our anna approached to build a house.

But our anna was not satisfied with any old off the shelf plans. She wanted a house built to her own specifications. And who cares if our anna wanted something built ‘outside of the QDC guidelines.’

Poor anna. We have seen many times that there is one thing our anna can’t accept. The word No.

So to demonstrate her displeasure our anna posted not one, but two negative reviews, using two of her fake accounts.

Using her anil patel account our anna wrote:

Was so excited looking at getting our first home built. The attitude and treatment received by this company turned happiness to disbelief. Asked for advice on simple changes to be made to a plan and was told to find another builder! Avoid.

Then using her law ali account our anna wrote:

Highly unprofessional. Owners attitude and arrogance is astounding! Look else where.

We enjoyed the reply that Superior Homes Qld gave to both reviews:

While we tried our very best to accommodate your requests, we are unfortunately unable to build outside of the QDC guidelines.

Who would have thought that a company that has been in business in Queensland for over 20 years would have a better understanding of what is capable of being done within the confines of the Queensland Development Code (QDC) than a supply teacher with a degree in EcoTourism?

We have contacted Superior Homes Qld to inquire as to what the issue was that caused them to tell anna to ‘find another builder’. We will update this post when we get a response.




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