I’m poor, like my new house?

Ok, a few keen eyed readers noticed that we missed covering part of Belgin’s comment yesterday.

We didn’t.

Well, actually we did. But that was because we decided to give that sentence its own post.

And the comment?

I know all about it and I even seen her posting a happy “sold” sign when she had just bought a new house and then put up a go fund me asking for money off everyone.

Yep. We know that our anna bought a house. In fact we know when, we know where and we know how much.

We have no intention of publishing our anna’s address, or any of our anna’s contact details. If we intended to we would have done it six months age when we started this blog. But we will point out that all of the details are publicly available information.

What we did not know is that our anna has posted pictures of herself with the sold sign outside her new address on her favourite facebook pages.

Anyway, what we would like to do today is to look at the time frame of a few interconnected events in our anna’s life from 2015.

  • March – Out anna posts several negative reviews against a house construction company who would not build a house the anna way.
  • July  – Our anna sends a letter to SPER claiming to be “homeless and experiencing financial difficulties”.
  • October – Our anna posts pictures of the house that she had just purchased.
  • November  – Our anna exchanges contracts on her new house.
  • December – Family cruise
  • March 2016 – GoFundMe started
  • June 2016 – Another family cruise

We were confused as to how a person could go from being a potential house builder to being “homeless and experiencing financial difficulties” then back to being a home owner in only seven months.

So we thought we would contact the State Penalties Enforcement Registry to enquire if they were aware of our anna’s house purchase, only three months after claiming to be “homeless and experiencing financial difficulties”.

As always we will keep you all updated when we get a reply to our enquiries.


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