My kids are never sick, unless they are sick.

Oh Dear. What did we find today?

We are sure you all remember that our anna’s children have “never been to a doctor, unless I have had to sign paperwork.


They have never, ever been sick.

But that was as of the 22nd August 2016.

Oddly, because everything our anna does is oddly, here is a post from the 30th November 2012.

When she has been to the doctor (for sprained knee etc.)
My daughter does get colds etc. but is not constantly sick like her friends



So, our anna talks about when her daughter goes to the Doctor, and when she gets colds. You know, just like a normal child.

Even more surprising that our anna talks about other peoples children getting autism, when our anna is claiming a carers allowance for her own daughters autism.

You would think that only a fool would post about her daughters medical history in 2012, then claim that her daughter had never been to a doctor, four years later.

All posted on social media, so that we can all see it. And we all know that once something is posted on the internet, it is there to stay.

Such as the lies that our anna has posted here.

The question is, which post is our anna lying in? We would welcome our anna to come and tell us which post was a lie. And why she needed to lie about something so insignificant?


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  1. One must wonder how she thinks she is going to get away with it .To post all this evidence that will be used against her boggles the mind .I think anna’s scamming days are numbered .That must be a load on her knowing that she will soon be done with a heap of charges .Bet she freaks out with every knock on the door as it won’t be long before the police come knocking


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