The great anna science challenge

The science challenge is on, Today!

That’s right.

Cameron Gibbs has challenged our anna to a test of her real science knowledge.

As we’ve covered before, our anna claims to have three degrees, with one in BIOLOGY.

We know her real degree is in EcoTourism.

The third is a mystery degree.

So Cameron has challenged our anna to a “science off”.

The challenge off will commence at 9pm (AEST) on Friday the 10th on our Facebook page:

The rules are so simple that even a high school science student could follow them:

1. There are 20 questions.
2. Our anna is required to answer 16 questions correctly (80% pass mark).
3. All questions will be questions on anna’s claimed areas of knowledge (BIOLOGY & EcoTourism).
4. Our anna will have 2 minutes to answer each question.
5. First Question posted at 9pm.
6. A pass mark (80% or higher) will win anna $100.

Hope to see you all on our facebook page at 9pm.

May the best scientist win šŸ™‚


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