Has anyone seen our anna?

How disappointing.

Another Friday, another Science Challenge, and another non-attendance from any of our anna’s persona’s.

What have we done wrong? Have we offended all of our anna’s persona’s?

We don’t think we have as law ali was here during the week, after the time and date of the latest challenge was posted.

And we are well aware that anna reads and contributes to both our WordPress page and our facebook page. Sadly never in her own name.

Our anna has no issue with spreading her intellect. Telling people how smart she is. And calling people idiots. Remember Kate Squires?


And our anna has no issue telling people about her three degrees, with one in BIOLOGY.

But here we have anna being offered the opportunity to demonstrate what she has been telling everyone on social media for years.


We were surprised by anna’s non-attendance, as the questions were not that difficult. Even we could answer most of the questions, and none of us has a background in BIOLOGY.

So anna, care to explain why you chose not to attend the Science Challenge?

Cameron has left the challenge open for anna. If she ever does want to put her vast knowledge to the test she can set the time and date. We are happy to host the event again. Balls in anna’s court.

Cameron also chose not to keep the $100 he put up for the challenge. Since anna did not want the $100 Cameron has donated it to St Vinnies.


We thought that was a noble gesture, so we encourage everyone to donate to a charity of your choosing.

We have donated $74 to UNICEF to provide 150 Measles vaccines, kindly donated in the name of anna-marie stancombe.



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