Sorry, who are you?

Today, we would like to delve into history.

Remember back before our anna separated from her ex-partner. Back when everything in her life was sugar and spice and all thing nice?

Nope, neither can we.

Anyway, here is a post from our anna complaining that she couldn’t use the gift voucher that she got from complaining about her previous complaint? (screen shot of anna’s comment at the bottom of the post)

Our anna loves to complain. She complains loud and often. If our anna thinks that there is something to be gained by making a scene she will do it.

This is just another example of it. Our anna did not need to make a public post about this issue. As one of the first respondents noted:

You shouldn’t be charged a CC fee when redeeming a voucher. I used one not long ago and wasn’t charged. I’d call them

I’d call them? Most people would, but not our anna.

Make a scene, cause a ruckus, get loud and proud, and most companies will cave, just to make the situation go away.

Give the cray cray woman $23 to make her go away? It’s a no brainer.

But you have to wonder, does our anna do this every time she travels?

Imagine if a person made a complaint during every step of their trips? Complain to the travel agent? Complain to the cruise line? Complain to the airline? Complain to the local police? Complain to the travel insurance company?

You could imagine being able to travel for free if you got each company involved in the process of your trip to give rebates or money to make the cray cray woman go away.

Anyway, the thing that took our interest with this post was not the complaint from our anna, but the response from the QANTAS agent who got to deal with our anna.

The QANTAS agent looked into our anna’s complaint, and couldn’t find one. Why not, we hear you ask?

Golly, you lot with all your questions… 🙂

Because it would appear that our anna forgot which name that she used to make the complaint.

Our anna was not using one of her anna-marie stancombe facebook accounts, but her anna patel account. The one that is now anna stanconde.

We love the response from the QANTAS agent:

Hi Anna, unfortunately Customer Care are unable to locate a file under your name. Was it lodged under a different name?

It’s almost like the QANTAS agent knows that people use fake names on facebook.

Well played Jay.




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