Oh no!

We’ve been found out!!

Quick, delete all comments and report anna to facebook.

Threaten to sue anna for defamation!

Spread rumours that anna is a paedophile that is into bestiality!!!

Then change accounts to one in a new name and start again…


Just kidding, we are not anna.

We could just lie and say she’s wrong, but as we said, although that is the anna way, we are not anna.

Yep, it has only taken her five months but our anna has finally worked out the account holder.

We stated when we started this journey that “We are not afraid of anna. We are not hiding from her. This is an open page”

We must admit that we were starting to believe that our anna was never going to figure it out.

Everything anna needed to identify the account holder was right there in front of her.

But, finally after five months she has cracked it. Well, not the password. Although our anna has tried to log into both our WordPress page and our facebook page.

Now the question is, what next?

Our anna has claimed to have reported every post we have made to the local police, but we have never been contacted by the police.

Our anna has threatened to sue us for defamation, but we have never been contacted by her defamation lawyer (Goldsmiths Lawyers, if memory serves correct).

Our anna has claimed to have reported us to the ACORN, but we have never been contacted by them either.

Maybe our anna is just going to spend her time posting up that we are paedophiles? That is what she usually does.

Only time will tell…

But to us the most important question is, we wonder how much abuse the Patel family have endured in the last five months because anna was not smarter than a fifth grader? Wonder if she is likely to apologise to them?


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