Freeman on the land

In previous posts we covered how our anna live posting when she got stopped by the police for a traffic offence.

During the stop our anna used what is called the Freeman on the land defence.

This is where a person considers themselves not to be ‘owned’ by the government.

There are two very clear indicators that a person is a follower of the Freeman on the land.

1. They do not believe that laws apply to them.
2. They survive on welfare benefits.

You may note the irony there, they refuse to accept the rule of the people, they will not pay taxes, rates, or any other government fees but are happy to live off the welfare of the government.

Anyway, we note that our anna documented her traffic stop but does not appear to have recorded it.

So here is a traffic stop that was posted by another follower of the freeman on the land defence who did.

Take note of the number of times that “Frankie” uses the exact same terms that our anna did.

“Am I under arrest, or am I free to go?”
“I am not contracted to you”.
“I have been illegally detained”.

As well as his refusal to supply identification.

You could easily imagine our anna’s traffic stop going exactly the same way.

We recommend going forward to the 14 minute mark (it is 27 minutes long). The fun really starts there.


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