Mason’s T-Shirts

In one of our earliest posts we covered the sale of “Mason” T-Shirts.

At the time we were not able to confirm what had been printed in the media, as well as what had not.

We had always intended to cover off this story when we were able to get further information.

We apologise for taking so long, but our anna has kept us so pre-occupied that we actually forgot that we intended to cover this story again.

At the time all we were able to confirm is the our anna was involved in the printing and distribution of the T-Shirts. We also determined that each T-Shirt cost $16. $6 for the T-Shirt and $10 for the printing.

What we have now determined is that anna was the person responsible for the attempted sale of the T-Shirts.

What we do now know is:

  • Anna was involved in the creation and design of the T-Shirts in question. We say involved as we expect that the screenprint company actually did the design. The idea certainly was not anna’s.
  • The initial batch of T-Shirts were donated. They were bought and payed for by someone other than our anna. Consider that, our anna did not pay for the shirt that she wore at the protest while selling them to others.
  • The person who paid for the T-Shirts did so on the proviso that they were not to be on sold. Specifically the person stated “no money is to be made or paid for these shirts”.
  • Several people requested T-Shirts and offered to pay for them. Instead of refusing and returning the money our anna decided to keep the money to “purchase a banner, photocopying etc.”
  • The figure quoted for a T-Shirt was $40.

But the information we have received raises far more questions that they answer.

1. Did our anna have permission to use the image of Mason Jett Lee used on the T-Shirts? Would not the use of an image without the expressed permission of the owner be in contravention of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)? The same DMCA anna used to remove a News Corp image from the blog of Reasonable Hank?

2. Did our anna tell the donor that she took money for the sale of the T-Shirts?

3. What became of the money from the sale of the T-Shirts that our anna charged for?

4. Where are the T-Shirts now?

5. Why did our anna decide on the figure of $40 for the T-Shirts?


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