Caboolture Crime Watcher’s


The Caboolture Crime Watcher’s facebook page is run by anna-marie frances stancombe.

Please get the message out.

Caboolture Crime Watcher’s was set up originally under the name North Side Adult Crabs. It has subsequently re-named to Caboolture Crime Watcher’s, copying the name and format of other crime watch pages run by QESMedia. This is similar to the way their numerous pages operate, specifically the local one called Moreton Crime Watch.

Our anna has a personal vendetta against the admins of QESMedia. What that is, we have not been able to confirm. They may have slighted anna in some way. Posted a link to one of anna’s criminal behaviours? Mispronounced anna’s name? Indicated for too long in front of anna at traffic lights? The reason seems irrelevant to our anna.

Our anna actually did some research and found that Queensland Emergency Services Media, operating as QESMedia was not registered as a business so our anna registered the business name QESMedia on the 20th of February 2017.

Be aware, anna does not represent the Queensland Emergency Services. Our anna has no connection to any Queensland Emergency Service in any way, unless you consider being arrested as being involved.

We have to question if our anna has the right to financially gain from using the Queensland Emergency Services naming? And from a fraudulent business registration no less? Does anyone know where 10 Lakes Street Caboolture is? That is the Principal place of business on our anna’s business registration.

It is a disgrace that a person with such little respect for the law could possibly try and pass themselves off as being representative of the Queensland Emergency Services.

So, after registering a business name, our anna then approached facebook and demanded others stop using her business name and intellectual property. Facebook were deceived into following through with anna’s complaints. We are amazed at the lack of due diligence by facebook. A complaint by anna stanconde regarding a business registration owned by anna-marie frances stancombe was actioned? Seriously?

Anna then posted this message, a message our anna has since deleted:

“We own the registered business name And the trademark. It has been bought to our attention that other defamatory websites have been using this name. THEY ARE NO WAY affiliated with us.”


Oddly, even though our anna claims that the other QESMedia pages are defamatory websites she is more than happy to steal images and posts from then, verbatim. Just look at the image above and compare it to the Moreton Crime Watch banner.

So, in annaland  all of the existing sites that operate under, and in affiliation with QESMedia have suddenly become “defamatory websites”. Pages that have been in operation for months, if not years prior to anna registering the name QESMedia on the 20th of February 2017. We can demonstrate that the name QESMedia existed and was in use last year, six months prior to anna’s registration of the name:


We must also point out, anna does not own the trademark of QESMedia, or any of its varieties. She cannot trademark Queensland Emergency Services Media as all uses of the term Queensland Emergency Services are owned by the Queensland Department of Emergency Services.

There are also no results for the name QESMedia, at all.

And the website listed on anna’s page Nope, nothing there either


All we can say is that our anna is a liar if she is claiming the trademark on a business name  when she does not have it registered.

After hijacking QESMedia our anna outed who she believed to be the admin of QESMedia and the Morton Crime Watch page (anna named the wrong person, but that is normal) by posting his contact details on the facebook group North Side Crabs.

Morton Crime Watch is just one facebook page that operates under the QESMedia banner. A page that has been in operation for several years. Our anna has threatened to sue the Morton Crime Watch admins for defamation several times. A threat we have covered before.

North Side Crabs, on the other hand is a page where car thieves (and wannabe’s) take pictures of themselves with the cars they have stolen (or pretended to have stolen). North Side Crabs is a page that, in their own words, was set up so that they can say “A Big Fuck You To Morton Crime Watch And Channel 7 News!”.

Do we really need to point out the hypocrisy here? Our anna complained when North Side Crabs outed her as the owner of QESMedia, not realising that she had hijacked the name, but anna has no issue with publishing other people’s contact details.

But, haven’t we seen this sort of thing from anna before? Post the contact details of a person anna does not like? Does Floyd Turnbull ring a bell? Talk about throwing a person under the bus…

So today we are here to make sure that word gets out that the page.

We have never asked our readers to do this before, but we want you all to share this post far and wide.

Post it on every page you are in. If you are a page admin post it on your timeline. If you are not a page admin, ask the admin to post it on the timeline so everyone gets to see it.

And if you are one of the people who like or follow that page, unfollow it, and unlike it.

Show our anna that we are not interested in liars, cheats and thieves trying to tell us about law and order, about how anna is being “bullied”, and anna’s anti-vaccination views.



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