The baton has changed hands

Yep, our anna does not care about this page. We know this because she keeps saying so.

But oddly she keeps trying to guess the password, as well as asking to get the password reset.

It makes us wonder why?

Could it be because she gives us so much to write about? And that we are happy to let the world know who our anna really is?

Denise from WordPress seems to think so.

Anyway, bad luck anna. We have changed the administrator of the WordPress page.

New admin means a new account name. And a new password. And a new email address.

Oh, and the new admin has the facebook page as well. So again, new username and new password.

Keep trying anna. We know how much anna loves the attention, but anna should keep in mind that P.T. Barnum was wrong when he said “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Isn’t that right anna?


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