Looking for Leisha Kelly

Sorry, but we have some bad news.

A number of our readers have let us know that they had previously been in contact with a person called Leisha Kelly, or possibly Leisha Kelli.

Leisha passed herself off as being another victim of our anna, attempting to get sympathy from others for her suffering.

Sympathising with anna’s victims whilst trying to get people not to attack anna.

Leisha was also the person who set up the North Side Adult Crabs facebook group. The page now known as Caboolture Crime Watcher’s.

The page now run by one anna-marie stancombe.

That’s right, Leisha Kelly is anna-marie stancombe.

What we have also been advised that Leisha Kelly also set up North Side Crabs. We have not been able to confirm this, but how bizarre is it if this information is true? Admin of a crime watch page, while being an admin of a page for car thieves.

Leisha appears to have disappeared from view, but we are confident not for long.

Leisha has been added to the Who is our anna page,


We will add the account (and it’s new name) once this is confirmed.

UPDATE: We were contacted by one Dane Howard who has advised us that we were wrong about the original owner of the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page. (Email posted below)

Dane has advised us that the Leisha who set up the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page was actually Leisa Dyson, not Leisha Kelly.

Oddly, when Leisha contacted one of our readers, identifying themselves as the owner of the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page the name Leisha Kelly was used (see image below).

Curiouser and Curiouser…

And to add to the curiosity one Dane Howard posted a negative review of Moreton Crime watch. just yesterday. At the same time that law ali and lilly gibbs posted similar reviews.

We will add Dane Howard,  lilly gibbs & yadont knowme to the list of anna’s known aliased.

Thanks Dane.





  1. Its Liesa Dyson. Not Leisha Kelly. As i was the one who started CABOOLTURE crime Watcher’s.We handed it over to Anna because we were been intimadated by moreton crime watch.

    As we all know Anna does not like them.
    We decided to let her deal with them.
    You need to get your facts right. Leisa Dyson was only admin for a few days.
    This is a never ending witch hunt. But use the right name. As liesa is now aware of her name been on this site. I’ve advised her of the false information you have received. It’s not right that you try to slander innocent by standers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moreton crime watch don’t reveal there identity for safety reason’s, either do we. I told Liesa to use a different name because there is vultures out there. Like you all hide behind this page. Hypocritical behavior dont you think. You slam anyone else for having an opnion if they don’t see your views. You are all just behaving like Anna. Normal adults move on and get on with their lives. But you lot just can’t move on. Liesa will be in contact soon. This has gone to far.


      1. It’s Liesa Dyson. Can’t you read. Thanks for giving me more. Using people’s real names and accusing us of been Anna. You are obviously not good at investigating. My name is Duff Howard. You better make sure you get my name right too.


      2. Colour us confused Dane/Duff.

        Why is it so important that Leisha is Leisha Dyson, and not Leisha Kelly, as was used in the above screenshot?

        Are you trying to get a person called Leisha Dyson in trouble, or are you trying to keep Leisha Kelly out of the limelight?

        A better question for us, is why did the Dane Howard account that provided a negative review of Moreton Crime Watch suddenly disappeared?

        It’s ok though, we have screen shots of what we need.


  2. Where the hell do you get Leisha Dyson from. It’s Liesa Dyson. You are on a destructive war path. Why would I tell you my real name. Dane or Duff is fine to use. You are a weak human hiding behind this web page. Good luck with Anna cause she won’t ever go away.


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