Caboolture Crime Watcher’s Update

We think we need to update the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s post, now we have additional information.

We have covered most of what we need to on our previous post:

We have been amazed with the response to the post. This is now the second most viewed post, and may soon overtake the previous most viewed post ‘A new low for anna.’

So, to add to what we have previously posted, our anna decided to give us a few snippets of information to go with what we have already covered.

Firstly, our anna, again on the North Side Crabs page, in response to a question if anna owned the Moreton Crime Watch page, our anna posted that:

“No I am not. I registered the business name and trademarked the name – QESMedia so that I can legally get it taken down”


Our anna subsequently removed the trademark claim.

So, the registration of the name QESMedia was for no purpose other than to censure the Moreton Crime Watch page. Regardless that QESMedia operate numerous pages in addition to this page.

Censorship, again it appears to only be a one way street with our anna.

In addition to anna admitting that the registration of QESMedai was done with malicious intent, our anna then claimed ownership of is not a registered business name in Australia.


The above email is in response to a request by the owners of Moreton Crime Watch regarding a post that our anna put up (covered in our previous post). Moreton Crime Watch was able to have the stolen image, and the less than honest comments removed.

But let us look again at the comment defamatory sites. It is interesting that our anna claims this, because as of the 20th of February 12017, anna is claiming ownership of QESMedia. As such doesn’t anna  become legally responsible for any pages that fall under the QESMedia banner as of the 20th February 1017? Does this not also mean that if a person sued QESMedia for defamation after this date they would need to sue anna?

We have asked anna to respond to question numerous times before . Again, can anna advise us of what intellectual property she is claiming ownership of on her Caboolture Crime Watcher’s  page? Or any of the pages that fall under the QESMedia banner?

We can see nothing on the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s that anna has any claim to ownership of. The cover picture, for example,  is the intellectual property of QLD Rail.

And most of the posts by Caboolture Crime Watcher’s appear to have been copied from Moreton Crime Watch.

UPDATE: We always admit if we make a mistake. Today is one such example. We incorrectly attributed the email to anna, not to the owners of Moreton Crime Watch. This error has been corrected.



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