Come back Mina…

Welcome back ‘Mina’.

Or is it law ali? Or anna? Or leisha?

We are not sure. It is so difficult to keep up with all of anna’s persona’s.

Anyway, ‘Mina’ has joined us again, sending us the following four messages:

Tick Tock

No response to what has been published?


Tick Tock

Ok, we get it ‘Mina’. You are a horologist. Not something that we are interested in, but more power to you.

But, we thought, what is ‘Mina’ talking about being published?

Since our anna only exists on social media we have to assume that ‘Mina’ is referring to something posted on facebook.

But there are hundreds of Mina Patel’s on facebook. So it is a little difficult for us to determine which one is our ‘Mina’.

Or could our ‘Mina’ be talking about the posts that she puts up using her other anna persona’s?

Like the one that she put on the Online abuse of Anna Patel/Stancombe page where our anna tried to play the victim again?

Or could it be the series of posts that our anna put on her Justice for Toddler Mason Jett Lee page, where our ‘Mina’ got herself so confused that she was cross posting between her anna stanconde persona  and the page admin?

Or was ‘Mina’ referring to her posts on the North Side Crabs page where she posted how she was being defamed, and was going to sue Moreton Crime Watch, Claire Kerr and the world, whilst posting Mitch Baker’s address details?

But then there is ‘Mina’ posting on facebook legal, where our anna threatened to sue Belinda Louise Stone for defamation, whilst trying to make out that she is being abused by Belgin Colak, whilst attacking Rob Sudy. All in one conversation. We think ‘Mina’ may be surprised in not only how many people in facebook legal are providing us information, but who those people actually are.

Or is our anna referring to the post on Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page advising people to go to the police to report “a certain page in our community that thinks it’s ok to defame and threaten people and post pictures of innocent people”.


We are not sure exactly which account or profile ‘Mina’ is referring to.

But if it is the last post, we urge Cherie Gibbs to report her abuse to the police, if she has not already done so.

And Floyd Turnbull.
And Frank Burai.
And Judy Burai.
And Leesa Frey.
And Rob Law.
And Peter Teirney.
And Shuntel Lee.
And Georgina Ford.
And Anil Patel.
And Janet Martin.
And Sarah Hughes.
And John Kaye
And Richard Di Natale.
And Rob Sudy.
And Belinda Stone.
And Belgin Colak.
And Claire Kerr.
And Mitch Baker.
And the admins of the groups Morton Crime Watch and Freedom of speech works both ways.

And everyone else who we have missed that ‘Mina’ and all of anna’s other persona’s have abused, threatened, harassed, and posted their personal details (addresses, phone numbers, children’s names etc.) or posted pictures of their children.



  1. Her time has come to a end glad Acorn finally did something even with all the evidence they sure took their time .But glad she didn’t get away with it .What was her saying “Karma is a bitch my friend ” so true anna so lets just hope Anil can get his name cleared after all the lies you made up against him .By deleting all those nasty comments and profiles is not going to do much as all her victims have the screen shots .


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