Looking for Alibrandi?

Sorry folks, but today we have a little conundrum.

Recently we ran a post about Leisha Kelly. A person we have identified as one of anna-marie stancombe’s many persona’s.


But in addition to the name Leisha Kelly we were advised that the name Leisha Kelli was also used.

Was this a spelling error on the part of the people who contacted us? Or are there two distinct people involved?

After running our post we were contacted by a Dane (or Duff) Howard who told us we were wrong, and that Leisha Kelli was actually Liesa Dyson and not anna-marie stancombe.

Liesa Dyson was, up to that point, a name we had never heard.

We take everything we are given at face value. But we also investigate what people tell us. If we cannot confirm what we are told through other sources, we do not include it.

That’s called research.

Such as how multiple negative reviews were made against the Moreton Crime Watch page, in rapid succession. The names used to make the reviews included several known anna-marie stancombe persona’s. But there was also Dane Howard.

When this was pointed out the Dane Howard facebook account disappeared between our update to the Leisha Kelly post, and Dane Howard’s next response.

Anyway, last night we were contacted by Liesa Dyson who provided us with some additional information. As well as making a number of serious accusations.

We have taken these accusations seriously, and attempted to contact Liesa directly to get some proof to validate those accusations.

We cannot contact Liesa, because Liesa provided us with an invalid email address.

Below is a copy of the email we sent Leisa. We have chosen not to publish Leisa’s email.

We make a promise that if Liesa Dyson is able to demonstrate what we published in the Leisha Kelly post is incorrect we will remove this post and correct the Leisha Kelly post. We will also be passing the email onto the Caboolture Police, as we have serious concerns regarding the accusations made.

We have always said we are happy to correct any errors we make. But just saying we are wrong is not sufficient. We need to have the evidence to demonstrate that an error has occurred.


Hi Liesa,

We have a few questions regarding your email to us.

1. In what way has our blog post put your family in danger?

2. What is your relationship to Dane or Duff Howard?

3. Can you provide anything to support what you have stated? eg emails, screenshots?

4. Is there a reason you mis-spelt your own name in your email address?

5. Who is Claire Kerr?

The post in question was based on the actions of the account Leisha Kelly as we demonstrated in the screenshot used in the post. But the Leisha Kelli spelling was also raised to us.

We will point out that it was Dale/Duff that publicly linked your name to the accounts, not us.
Have you considered that anna may have copied your name? Creating fake accounts is something anna is well known for.

Thank You



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