Another busy weekend for the Caboolture Police.

Golly Gee, that was a fun weekend.

We got to meet several of our anna’s newer identities.

we got to watch our anna delete many of her posts. Mainly the ones where she abuses people.

And we got threaten with being reported to the police, again…

But again, not a single contact from the Caboolture Police.

We wonder why?

Could it be that the people who threatened us do not actually exist?

Or could it be the people they talked about also don’t exist?


What we do know is that we have added Dane Howard, Duff Howard, Leisha Kelly, Leisha Kelli and Liesa Dyson to the list of anna’s persona’s.

And since Liesa Dyson has chosen not to contact us again, here is the email that Liesa Dyson sent us.


We have forwarded this to the Caboolture police as we believe that if we have put Liesa Dyson and her family at risk, as Liesa Dyson claims,  it is our responsibility to ensure the police act on our actions.

And in addition to all that fun, we has a surprise visit from Sandy Corrie, who also threatened us with the police.

Hope Sandy Corrie has fun reading the terms and conditions of using facebook. The same ones that Sandy Corrie agrees to when she signed up with facebook.

The same one that allows others to use her public posts, including such things as her profile picture.

How did that conversation with the Caboolture Police go Sandy Corrie?

Research, it’s a bitch if you don’t do it properly. Isn’t that right Sandy Corrie?


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