Another missing person

Another day, another visit from a fake account.

Just to get everyone up to speed…

On a previous post we covered anna’s abuse of the the people who were trying to set up a fund to buy a headstone for Mason Jett Lee.

The cause is a noble cause, but anna, and several others attacked the people trying to help Mason Jett Lee.

We covered much of what anna posted, demonstrating that anna was lying by posting evidence to show where she was wrong.

Unfortunately it appears that they may have been right on one point. The point that we agreed upon with anna.

Never trust anyone who sets up a GoFundMe page.

Georgina Ford appears to have misappropriated the donations from the GoFundMe page.

Now, we can’t prove that, in exactly the same way we can’t prove that anna spent her GoFundMe donations on her numerous cruises.

We are as disappointed as everyone else who truly wants the right thing to occur.

Anyway, today we have an attack from a person who was so afraid for her family that she did not want her name mentioned. But has now, with the aide of her offsider outed not one, but two aliases, and her real name (allegedly).

We covered leisha kelly’s involvement in the whole Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page, and that the evidence we have is quite clear that the creator of that page was anna-marie stancombe.

But then dane howard came along and insisted that the page creator was Liesa Dyson. And dane was adamant as he repeated the name Liesa Dyson several times…

Liesa Dyson contacted us, but what she wrote raised far more questions than it answered.

We attempted to contact liesa Dyson, but liesa had provided us with an invalid email address. No way to contact liesa, so we used our page to get in contact with her.

Oddly liesa decided to pay us a visit. Not via email, or via our WordPress page, but via our facebook page. And not as Liesha Kelli, or Liesa Dyson, but as Liesa Kelli.

Yep, another alias.

We looked at the abuse that liesa was posting and noted that the posts were all to do with Georgina Ford. Nothing to do with the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page, or Leisha Kelli, or anna stancombe.

Oddly the screen shots supplied by Liesa Kelli included posts taken directly from anna stancombe & dale howard’s accounts.

It’s almost enough for a person to think that Leisha Kelly, AKA Leisha Kelli, AKA Liesa Kelli AKA Liesa Dyson are the same person as Dane Howard AKA Duff Howard and anna stancombe AKA anna stanconde.

We have asked Liesa Kelli to provide answers to the questions we raised.

Liesa’s reply, amongst the abuse, was just more abuse.

You are the shit beneath my thongs!

Because Liesa Dyson appears only to be interested in posting abuse we have made the decision to hide all of liesa’s and dane’s posts until such time as they want to act in a manner deserving of our interest.

We have not blocked anyone, or deleted any posts.

Respond to the five questions with actual evidence and we will do exactly as we said we would Liesa Dyson.

Unfortunately Liesa Kelli can’t respond as she posted that she had been reported for being a fake account, As of the time of posting the Liesa Kelli account ( is still MIA.

Balls in your court Liesa Dyson. Always has been since dane outed you Liesa Dyson.



  1. The Caboolture crime watchers page is run by Anna and it’s really funny how she talks about herself in the 3rd person .Like everybody doesn’t know its her .Same as her fake profiles that stick up for her .She needs to go to a doctor and talk about her mental heath issues . I know its funny watching Anna make a complete fool of herself .But something needs to be done as this is getting out of hand .She stalks me and uses her fake profiles to abuse me .So we wait as Acorn does their thing but even if she gets charged she will still go on her trolling ways .Sad when you think about it and all the damage she has done to masons cause


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