Defamation, another anna trait?

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days.

Unfortunately reality got in the way of annaland.

Anyway, another day, another day of our anna being ‘defamed’.

Here we have our anna posting a comment that she left on our WordPress page, using another persona.

Hi Dale. Or is it Duff? Or Leisha? Or Liesa? It gets quite confusing at times.

We do enjoy watching anna talking about herself in the third person. It is kind of cute in a very sad way.

But note how our anna conveniently omitted the little detail of the posters identity?

So here is the post in full, and here is the link to the post.


But how our posts defamation? We have posted evidence every time we have covered anna taking money from people for t-shirts that were donated to her protest.

And why is she blaming Cameron for the posts? Anna has already identified who the admin of this page used to be.

And we have been quite clear that although we have covered Cameron, and the abhorrent abuse that he and his mother endured at the hands of anna-marie stancombe, Cameron in not responsible for this page.

It would appear that although our anna is fixated with Cameron, she is unable to realise the extent of the abuse she has put so many people through.

We are still waiting for anna to communicate with us, as herself. As opposed to the multiple persona’s that she uses. Remember, as far as anna is concerned people who do not use their real names are cowards hiding behind fake accounts.

Perhaps today may be the day when anna-marie stancombe actually contacts us and explains how her posting as dane howard, accusing Cameron of being this pages admin is defaming her?

No, we don’t think she will either…



  1. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I think that this pages is about Anna-Marie Stancombe, not Georgina Ford. If she an issue with Georgina Ford and dishonesty, then she is more than able to address that herself.

    One thing does not invalidate the other. If Georgina stole money meant for Masons headstone then that’s abhorrent, but it does not invalidate the abhorrent behaviour of selling off t-shirts of a dead babies image for money, or stickers or collecting money for an imaginary court case.

    So Anna, Dane, Leisha, whatever name you choose to use today, where did THAT money go ?


  2. Anna is just getting on the hate wagon to try salvage some creditably .The things she has done to my mother is so wrong and what she has done to the mason cause is horrible .Don’t know why she keeps blaming me for every person that gives her a serve .I think she has a borderline personality disorder and needs serious mental health She repeats the lie so much that she ends up believing it .But it is so easy to spot a fake profile run by anna just by her wording .Every second word is defamation or vaccination . I would love to take credit for it all . But I have a life and job so kind of hinders the amount of time i can spend taunting a autistic primate


  3. I suspect the fact that she uses multiple userID’s has her thinking everyone else does too ..

    I feel the correct response here is borrowed from Monty Python ..

    My wife and I are both Cameron.


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