Justin Case you missed it.

The only thing funnier that watching our anna posting as one of her many persona’s, referring to herself in the third person, is when our anna uses another of her multiple persona’s to support her first persona, while also talking about our anna in the third person.

We posted yesterday about our anna using her dane howard persona to post on our WordPress page, then use that to support her claims that the world is defaming her.

Oddly the post in question no longer exists on our anna’s justice for toddler mason jett lee page.

So here is another one that our anna produced earlier.

Our anna shared the same post about Georgina Ford across all of the pages she runs. And then responded to those posts using a range of her multiple persona’s.

Here is her persona Justin Case. Cool name, but one that has only ever existed in anna’s mind.

 I wonder, if Ros Bates is Shuntels friend/ally & she has posession of the necesary doc, why she wouldnt post/share/disclose it? Release it to the graveyard in her own shire so stone could be placed? To cease the questioning/slander/harassment?
She IS an antibullying & child safety advocate…
Bobette Upton, Vanessa Woodward, Lisa Marie,Bernadette Fiedler,Carol Levey,Cyndi Palmer HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN THE DOCUMENT?!
Someones got to show it to end this & if they cant Shuntel Fiedler needs to own it & appologise. To the government, the community, her family, her enemies EVERYONE! ESPECIALLY HER NEPHEW!

Our anna’s persona justin case seems to know a lot about our anna. But seems to like adding in a lot of things that anna cannot substantiate.

Firstly, anna continually brings up her relationship with MP Ros Bates. But has anyone else noticed that there has been no contact with anna and Ros Bates in 12 months? But anna continually points back to their connection, before we, and many others made anna’s true identity known to Ros Bates.

Persona no grata is the term that now comes to mind.

And it interests us that our anna has made multiple accusations against those who do not support anna’s attempts to hog the attention regarding Mason Jett Lee.

Has anna made any attempts to support any of the accusations that she made against others?

Like anna claim that headstones are not allowed at the lawn cemetery. Even thought the Moreton lawn cemetery guidelines specifically say that are?

And why is anna trying to tar everyone who defended Georgina Ford with the same brush as Georgina? Our anna accused multiple people of being complicit in Georgina’s actions. But instead of posting her evidence our anna deleted the post.

And finally, why is it that the post on the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page say there are 62 comments, but only 26 are visible?

Why if our anna is so right, does she need to delete over 50% of the comments made. Where the majority of the remaining posts belong to anna, as the page admin of Caboolture Crime Watcher’s.

Caboolture Crime Watcher’s. A place for the community to come together and alert each other of criminal activities in our area. As long as it involves anna-marie stancombe. Unless anna-marie stancombe does not like you, then you are not allowed.


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  1. Never ASS ume .Just in case. OMG this is hilarious, apologize and the best part apologize to her enemies , soneone has serious mental health issues.


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