anna opposes CCTV?

Another day, another interesting contradiction from our anna.

As we have covered our anna runs the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s page. A page where anna allows herself the right to attack others, whilst restricting everyone’s ability to respond. Try and post a comment. Good luck.

Anyway, our anna claims that her page is:

“We are not under any circumstances a Vigilante group. This is for the Community to come together and alert each other of criminal activities in our area.”

So our anna wants others to be able to report criminal activities, but your comments require approval before they can be posted.

And our anna is opposed to the use of CCTV, using either video or audio.


Our anna also opposes the use of social media to identify those who steal from people and post about their exploits on social media.

It seems that others can’t do that as they may identify a person under the age of 18. It appears to be unknown to our anna that there is no such thing as the court of social media.

The real courts have a process that they are required to abide by. Social media does not.

If an underage car thief posts an image of themselves, facebook’s terms and conditions allow others to share that image. The terms and conditions of facebook do not allow a person privacy based purely on their age.

But what got us is, knowing that our anna opposes the use of CCTV why she is happy to post image taken from CCTV:

So, you can report any criminal activity to the Caboolture Crime Watcher’s, as long as anna agrees with it.

And as long as it does not involve the use off CCTV, unless anna has taken it off another page. Then it’s ok.

And as long as you have confirmed the identity of the person committing the crime, and you have confirmed the person is over 18.

Oh, and don’t bother reporting it to the police, as the are corrupt and won’t do anything about it anyway…


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  1. Anna claims to be a teacher but can’t even spell properly for someone who has 3 degrees she surely must be able to spell properly and use grammar .But as we have witnessed she is not very bright and thinks people actually give a shit of what she has to say . I heard a rumor that she is going to run for local government .Imagine Anna in politics it boggles the mind how she thinks she is a upstanding citizen .But she would get the crazy vote and the medical crack vote .Anna if you are reading this not every person who tells you off is me your fake profiles that call me a stalker but then that profile stalks my whole profile is really scary .Can you please leave my family alone what type of person attacks a persons family you make me sick .Get some help and wake up to yourself what person acts the way you do its fucking creepy .


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