Game on Mole…

Another day, another attempt to abuse someone for no reason from our anna.

You would have thought that a parent who travels away from Caboolture on holidays with their children would spend time, with their children. Not posting abuse message to others through social media.

But it is our anna we are talking about.

Here is the latest attempt by our anna to demand an apology for being “defamed”.

This exchange was sent into us by a reader of our blog.

We note that our anna does not explain how she was defamed, or how this person is responsible for the actions of other people.

But who needs reality. We have anna land.

Below is a copy of the messages exchanged. Bonus points for our anna actually showing up using one of her accounts that are in her real name. We never get the same here at our WordPress page, or our facebook page. We just get her multiple persona’s. Like Mina, or Law, or Liesha/Leisa, or Dale/Duff.

We would like to point out that we do not condone the language used by either party. But in the same regards, if anna want to treat others badly, she should expect to be treated the same way.

To put it bluntly, anna acted like a cunt, so anna was treated like a cunt.





    1. provaxspeaks, you are correct. Historically the spelling is Moll, but both spellings are acceptable in the Australian vernacular.

      We used Mole as it was the spelling used in the conversation.


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