Legal anna to the rescue

Another post from ‘legal anna’. Or as she likes to call herself ‘law ali’.

A question was posted on facebook legal asking about the use of transcripts and recordings in Family Court matters.

A number of helpful people answered the persons questions.

But we were more interested in our anna’s two responses.

In response to the comment “Ive used transcript from other proceedings in FC” ‘law ali’ replied:

“So have I. What you have said is 100 percent correct. You attach it in your affadavit and submit.”

We know that the attached transcripts are the AVO applications that our anna has made against her ex-partner Anil.

How do we know? Because our anna told us so. Well, actually our anna told everyone on social media, but you know what we meant.

But is was our anna’s second reply that amused us.

“Exemptions are given for health care/pension card holders”

Interesting that a full time teacher, with three degrees would know how to avoid paying Government fees.

It’s almost comes across that our anna has a valid health care/pension card that she uses to gain access to these things for free.

But that couldn’t be so. We mean, a freeman on the land living on Government benefits? No freeman on the land would enter into a contract with the Government. Would they?



  1. Hopefully my report to Centrelink about Anna will sort out if she is entitled to a pension card. Seems to me she has a lot of expensive holidays for someone on a pension or even someone on a school teachers wage.


    1. the sad part about such accusations is that for many people you can just automatically assume they’re not true, but for anna you can’t do that as there is little she won’t do for a dollar it would seem.


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