Does anyone care about Mason Jett Lee?

Well, wasn’t yesterday a fun day. Our anna goes on holidays, so Sandy Corrie decides to join us in her stead.

Sandy has her nose out of joint since we covered her assistance of anna’s attacks on Shuntel Lee and Georgina Ford.

It seems that we need to cover this, as Sandy does not understand.

This blog is about anna-marie frances stancombe, 39 years old mother of two, of a known address in Caboolture.

This blog is not about Sandy Corrie.


We have made the decision to cover those people who enable anna to attack others.

Remember Drazen Jovica?

Our anna hides behind Drazen, and uses his many ‘facebook legal’ pages to attack others, with almost complete immunity.

Yet those who oppose anna are regularly removed from the same ‘facebook legal’ pages whenever they comment.

Sandy, on the other hand has joined with our anna, not to try and progress the aims of the people driving the ‘justice for mason’ agenda, but to attack the people that Sandy has an issue with.

If Sandy had chosen to attack Shuntel and Georgina (and others) outside of the ‘justice for mason’ movement we would not have cared less, as it has nothing to do with anna-marie frances stancombe.

But Sandy chose to use the ‘justice for mason’ movement. And not just the ‘justice for mason’ movement, but specifically the page run by anna-marie frances stancombe.

There is an expression that covers this situation, Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

Anna and Sandy actively chose to use the ‘justice for mason’ movement to attack others, not to get ‘justice for mason’.

Here is a simple question for our anna and Sandy.

Who would you rather see in gaol, Anna-Marie Lee Or Shuntel Lee?

So far we have seen little written on anna’s ‘justice for mason’ page that in any way attacks Anna-Marie Lee. Most of the published hatred is directed at Shuntel Lee, and others associated with her.

Our commentator Justice for Mason said it clearly:

Hard to believe the evil words and deeds done by others over Masons murder . Who I wonder in fact is in Masons corner ? Not Sandy Corrie not Anna Standcombe not Andrea Cleverly and certainly not Georgina Ford sad this baby is still being victimised in death hang your heads in shame you disgusting bunch

We, as a community are not responsible for what happened to Mason Jett Lee. His mother and her partners are.

But we, as a community failed Mason Jett Lee. Because we did not do enough to stop what happened. And now we are allowing people with their own personal agendas to derail the attempts to fix the situation that allowed this abhorrent crime to occur.

Shame on you anna-marie frances stancombe. And shame on you Sandy Corrie.



  1. Lol! Your comprehension & perception of english, while concerning, is not my responsibilty…
    Initially the mason jett lee page was utilused to reitterate utter disgust at anyone who dare profit or market from such tragedy!
    After receiving slander & hatemail, I responded & defended myself! Returned the same behaviours, with hope that perhaps it could incur some empathy or break ignorance!
    Entering into ‘cyber bullying’ & ‘threats’ and thats your advocacy for justice??? Its lunacy! Disgusting! Im not ashamed for warning she needed adequate permission. Nor advising of strategy, for demonstrated & current dynamics…
    And Im not at all appologetic for inability to relay that information pleasantly, when her behaviour & actions have impacted my family!
    After being asked continually to cease remarks & articles, as they contribute to & antagonise circumstance (YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT) you continue???
    A miserable soul, contributing to misery, to justify or normalise thier pitiful behaviour…
    Why do you refer to yourself as ‘we’? ‘our’…is there a group of you? Or one individual/fragmented personality? All as cowardly as each other. Cannot own your own identity, yet expect your portrayal of others of the internet to be substantial?!
    Your entire life, is devoted to this page, & hatetrolling. The virtual world & not actual reality…I feel so sorry for you.


    1. The only remarks that have hurt your family and surprise I’m family are the remarks you Sandy Corrie put up attacking Shuntel and Mathew who are related to you as you are married to my other son Nathan Fiedler .Sandy Corrie is a very sad person bought up in the system which failed her and Mason instead of attacking people you might find a way to change the system, put your hatred for the Fiedlers aside and focus positively for change as hatred is soul destroying and benefits no one.


  2. It’s like watching an episode of housos with these losers. Seriously, do they share a single brain cell?

    Firstly, you see an attempted attack on the English skills of the admin of this page by a woman who cannot understand that English has a capital e. She is so disrespectful she can’t put capitals on a dead childs name (Mason Jett Lee). She cannot spell responsibility, reiterate, hate mail, i’m apologetic, their and hate trolling. I feel that there is a pot, kettle black incident going on here and realistically, until she learns to spell herself, perhaps she’s be better off not commenting on the English skills of others ?

    Then there is an admission that she did indeed use the page to attack, scam, harass and troll. So why the offense? The behaviour called here has been admitted.

    This whole tragedy of this little boys death just becomes sadder and sadder as he is lost in the never ending battle of egos and competitions to see who is the grubbiest piece of trash around this poor boy. Where is the respect for him ? Certainly not on any of those Facebook pages, and certainly not here with Corrie who admits to putting her own ego before the little boy.

    She is so arrogant and lacking in any sort of intellect at all that she relishes in the online attention. She is not ashamed at shameful behaviour. Well she should be. She should hang her head in shame at her behaviour. She is not alone in shameful behaviour, but she is responsible for her own actions.

    Then of course we see the attack on the admin/s of this page. Such attacks are of course indicative of those who lack the necessary intellect to defend their positions, but we know that by the poorly written gloating post about how bad behaviour under the name of a dead child.

    Does this Corrie have any link to this child? Or is she just a sick f*** trying to gain attention and causing online fights and hate trolling over the rotting corpse of a dead child as that behaviour is beyond sickening.

    I feel that she should save her pity for herself as she’s pretty much an indication of all that is wrong with this world, both online and off it. Trailer trash whose phone is smarter than she is.


  3. How awful it must be to intentionally initiate & contribute to negitivity for a hobby or job? On wordpress? With a fake name?…
    I/we NEVER wished ill of that little boy! We actually donated!
    You havnt any comprehension of the dynamic of this situation, nor what you are quite deliberately contributing to? Im not sure how youve managed to turn youre mission to destroy another lady on the internet, into your own vendetta against me? But thats a bit of a pattern??? Neither anna or I know each other, or you-who should be ashamed???
    Oh & p.s, the whole ‘Fiedler’ thing should have given it away…indirect relation,ward of state,x community service 2yrs, intervention & rehabilitation student,full time parent, who donated! Whose children were directly affected by this hatetrolling!? At least I DO have a reason! Whats yours???


    1. I wouldn’t know, perhaps you can tell us how awful it is, given that’s all I see you do.

      You appear to base your responses on your assumption about others that you don’t know, that’s hardly the action of an intelligent person. I notice too that you avoid addressing the important points that others raise you seem to do little more than rant and rave and make it all about you, thus validating my point above.

      But here is a hint for you. I couldn’t give a flying f*** about what you think about me. Like all those who are vocal about this little boy, you don’t give a shit about him, only about what you can get out of him. You actually sicken me, all of you. By the way, i’m not the admin of this page, like you i am merely a reader. Remember that, as it’s a fairly important distinction and might save you some embarrassment if you had any capacity to feel any.

      This whole situation with this little boy is heartbreaking. YOUR contribution to the negativity around it, and YOUR use of him to push your own agenda is not only disrespectful it’s quite sickening.

      No, you don’t know me and for that I am very grateful, I can’t imagine knowing someone as horrible and s*** faced as you are.

      and again, i’m still not the admin of this page and ‘hate trolling’ isn’t actually a thing. Maybe you should go take a good, long hard look in the mirror at the trash that is looking back at you and remember, that if any of you grubby little s***s had actually stood up for this little boy while he was alive, he might not be dead now.


  4. and you know you can’t claim to not know Stancombe when you’re posting on her Facebook page. Or do you just jump on the bandwagon of defaming others without bothering to stop and see what you are jumping into the middle of ?


  5. Ok provax, when anne marie makes appeal & that report is released. I hope you will learn that, if someone is of a dysfunctional dynamic, currently partaking in questionable behaviour, willingly disclosed & demonstrated-they are considered a malicious notifier! Now that almost justifies dochs inaction…so the inquests & reports, costing taxpayers thousands, are for nothing!
    The haterolling & interception of communication in the CURRENT family dynamic, demonstrates the dishonesty & manipulation Shuntel Fiedler is capable of…
    I have responded to comments INITIATED BY OTHERS, defended myself, offered strategy & addressed all questions asked of me, ALL IN GLOBALLY PUBLIC FORUM!?
    No factual evidence & information really identifies your own inadequacies, more so than highlighting mine. Aside from deterring Ms. Stancombe from utilising the ‘mjlc’ for ANY purpose & agreeing Shuntel Fiedler & condoning associates are deplorable, THERE IS NO CONNECTION. Surely you can comprehend the lunacy of implying that through a comment, we are associates? You might comment on a ‘Bill Shorten’ post-does that make you best mates???
    Do continue. You, wordpress, facebook ALL BEING MONITORED 😉 Kid is still dead. System is still broken. And Shuntel Fiedler/her associates still stole/utilised images of my children for purpose of defamation!
    (Oh & you still post here & on facebook anonymously? If you cant own the truth of your own identity, perhaps refrain from telling any more lies)


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