And no I am not ‘anna patel’

Another day, another interesting comment from our anna. Using her law ali persona our anna made the following comment:

And no I am not ‘anna patel’

Well, technically our anna is correct. She is not anna patel. She has never actually been anna patel. To have been anna patel our anna would have needed to be married to Anil Patel. But our anna wasn’t, was she.

So our anna spent a long time falsely passing herself off as anna patel.

Remember when our anna, in her law ali persona posted an image of her court ordered parenting agreement? The one where our anna did not cover the fathers name? Wasn’t the name Patel? Let’s have a look…


And remember when our anna, in her law ali persona posted a comment where she referred to a meeting between MP Ros Bates and anna stancombe? But the unedited version of the comment referred to the meeting as being between MP Ros Bates and I? Let’s have a look at that comment…



So our anna’s law ali persona is both a stancombe and a patel?

But wait a minute. Let’s look at our anna’s GoFundMe money grab.

Wasn’t our anna using the name anna patel at that time? When Jane Hansen covered the story 12 months ago our anna was still using anna patel. But as Jane Hansen reported:

Last month, The Sunday Telegraph reported that Ms Patel, who also goes by her maiden name Anna Marie Stancombe

And let us look at the GoFundMe page. Isn’t that in the name of anna patel? Well yes, yes it is…

and if we look at update 10 of anna’s GoFundMe page, we see the second half of a  book report done by our anna. You will see that the update was posted by anna patel?  But wasn’t the update signed off by anna-marie stancombe?


Curiouser and curiouser.



  1. She is a compulsive liar she has gone beyond the point of help . She has kept lying to everyone that now she believes the lie .
    One day it will all come crashing down around her .Maybe if she made a public apology to the people she has wronged she might start to realize the damage she has done .Maybe if she used that ill gotten money she made from the go fund me and donated it to the mason cause . A cause that she has done so much damage to .Also the awful things she said to my mother what person does that .Who in their right mind abuses a mother over the loss of a child .It’s even more sickening when she is a mother .Anna is a horrible human the levels she sinks to is horrid .Karma will deal with her and its just a matter of time .


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