The Usual Suspects!

Poor anna, seems that even knowing who runs this blog she still blames the usual suspects.

Our anna even posted a screen shot of one the blog admin.

But here is a post by our anna’s law ali persona claiming that Neil Dyson, Tracy Dyson and Cameron Gibbs run this blog.


We have covered it before. Although those three people, and many others have contributed to our posts, they are not the admins of this page.

We wonder why our anna did not mention Anil in her post? Our anna has also blamed him for being our pages admin as well.

Care factor is Zero? Wonder what the police would say to that statement? Considering that our anna claims to be reporting this page daily.

Bizarre that even when our anna knows the truth, our anna can’t tell the truth…


1 Comment

  1. She’s a idiot she stalks me and s starting to worry me .I have never had a stalker before and to have one that is this crazy worries me .Anna if you’re reading this I don’t like you please leave me alone .So you found out I have a thing for blonds then you dye your hair blonde .This has to stop I might have to go to the police . I know i’m the best thing that ever happened to you but your not my type .I’m sure there is someone that finds you attractive and would share you’re love of anti psycotic drugs and meth .But its not me


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