I am woman, hear me roar!

Time to clear the calendar.

A little birdie has been chirping again.

A protest rally is being organised for the 28th of May 2017 to be held in Queens Park in Brisbane.

We bring this up as our anna has been advertising this around. It appears that a protest in Brisbane qualifies as ‘all capital cities’.


The thing that we find interesting is that there is no indication as to who the organiser is.

The protest is labeled No Jab, No Pay, No Way. But the ‘No Jab No Pay No Way’ group do not appear to be the organisers, as this is the only reference to it on their facebook page. And there is nothing on their Webpage.


Bonus points for the first response bringing up the Nuremberg Code.  Everything we do is based on the Nuremberg Code. Isn’t it? Here’s a question for everyone. Which countries are signatories to the Nuremberg Code? We will even give you a hint. The number of signatories is less than one.

But you will note that the email address on the electronic flyer points to another group, Freedom Of Choice Australia. But again, there is nothing on their Webpage either. The page has not been updated for 12 months.

Here is the ‘events’ list from the Freedom Of Choice Australia


So, the only known existence of this protest rally, is an electronic flyer.

We were quite amused as to the ‘join 1000’s of others’ claim. Is that like the 1000’s who attended the first No Jab, No Pay, No Way protest that our anna attended? The one that police estimated the crowd at several hundred?

Or like the second Brisbane rally? The one that didn’t occur?

Here is an interesting comparison. This is a picture from yesterdays Rally for Science. The organisers estimates the attendance as ‘over 1000’. Looks pretty accurate to us.


So we’ll wait and see the pictures from upcoming No Jab, No Pay, No Way protest.

But why are we talking about this upcoming protest?

Because that little birdie we mentioned told us a secret.

It appears that a certain upcoming Queensland MP intents to be a guest speaker.

Won’t that be fun.


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