P&O – Like no Place on Earth

Poor, poor anna.

Another day, another rejection from a company that doesn’t want to do things the anna way.

How dare P&O limit the number of children on their cruises! Specially now that P&O are currently running a ‘Children Cruise Free’ sale.


How is our anna, the person so poor that she cannot afford legal representation (except for the legal representation our anna got for mediation) suppose to take her children on a another cruise when P&O won’t let our anna do whatever she wants?

Could it be that our anna did not plan ahead? Could it be that our anna just does not like being told that she can’t do something?

Could it be that a cruise line makes a decision based on their customer base?

It did make us wonder what the disclaimer that our anna offered to sign would look like?

We are picturing something potentially written in crayon, with smiley faces…

But we did notice one change to our soon to be MP anna. No responder to our anna’s post supported her, and yet not one accusation of paedophilia.  Well played anna-marie stancombe MP.



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