Studies don’t exist if anna doesn’t read them

It would appear the our anna has gone back to her anti-vaccination roots.

Our anna posted a link to a document that contained multiple reports about how bad vaccines are. The report, called Vaccine Peer Review containing (allegedly) 1000 peer reviewed studies.

Oddly most of the reports (and there are not 1000) do not:

1, Demonstrate that vaccines are dangerous,
2, Claim to prove vaccines are dangerous, or
3, Demonstrate that they are peer reviewed,

But you will note that in a subsequent post our anna made the claim that:

There are no scientifically valid studies in support of vaccination. At all.

Odd, we thought. We have read studies that prove just that. So we went to Google U.

We googled “scientifically valid studies in support of vaccines“.

26+ MILLION results


But when you search for “scientifically valid studies unsafe vaccines“?

490,000 results. And seven of the first 10 results state that vaccines are NOT unsafe.


Pleaae note, we are not saying there are 26 MILLION studies. We are just demonstrating that the evidence for vaccine safety grossly outweighs the anti vaccination views. There are 50 times more information for than against.

But below is a quick list off the first page of results, that all demonstrate that valid studies do exist.

Research. Five minutes of my life…$File/full-publication-myths-and-realities-5th-ed-2013.pdf


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